About LumenBuilder

Our Vision

At LumenBuilder, our vision is to help you...

  • Defend your lighting architect’s reputation against inferior products - Solutions involve like-kind, quality products from your line card
  • Not lose your work to a competitor – React quickly to a loss-of-business threats
  • Have a backup plan in your pocket – Tiered Backup Quotes 
  • Stop property owner conflicts by having wrong or incomplete products showing up to the job site – Error-Free Product Conversions
  • Be able to double or triple your quoting throughput

How it Began

Lighting sales and inside staff are under constant pressure to ward off competitive or unsolicited project bids which require multiple in-depth product research for comparative studies.

  • Time consuming, human error prone activity.
  • Causes time constrained quote revisions.
  • May not keep adherence to lighting specifier design.

Our Purpose

Solving these problems:

  • Projects being value-engineered due to cost overruns
  • Developers are seeking price concessions from various building elements
  • The speed of line-item conversion from the lighting schedule is critical – quoting activities have very narrow windows to offer a competitive bid
  • Mitigate the risk of manually created errors within the lighting quote
  • Pillagers should not be able to swoop in last-minute and steal your hard work

Our Solution

We solve the problem by providing a market-disrupting solution that will streamline the quoting process for all lighting professionals.

We provide lighting package equivalencies that are:

  • Rapid and Error-free
  • Effectively Converted and Multi-Sourced

Which allows for:

  • Quicker quote turn-around times
  • Reduction in last minute sales threats
  • Better management of quoting activity
  • Re-deployment of inside sales staff for tasks requiring more sophistication

We Provide the ability to have a tailored plan - customized to your line card

We Provide management reporting and statics of quoting trends, wins and losses to defend against those tough manufacturer audits

We bring emergent technologies to the industry, merging SSL complexities with data management solutions

  • We bring emergent technologies to the industry, merging SSL complexities with data management solutions
  • We specialize in managing multi-versions of error-free quotes for lighting packages
  • We enable you the ability to simultaneously source quality products and save money for your customer

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